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Optional Travel Medical 

Emergency Accident and Sickness Coverage

American citizens or American residents only

The Travel Medical option further enhances our premium medical evacuation plan to provide flexibility in covering emergency accident and sickness expenses when traveling. The option is available to be added when purchasing our Nationwide underwritten medical evacuation plans with the following features, coverage and benefits.

Key Features

+  $100,000 In Coverage Per Person

+  Covers Both Domestic And International Travel

+  Covers Trips Up To 180 Days

+  Available To Add On New Nationwide Daily And Annual Plans (Excludes Max 364 Plans)

+  Daily Plan Rates Start At $5.25 Per Person Per Day

+  Annual Plan Rates Start At $256.75 For An Individual And $380.00 For A Couple

+  No Infectious Disease Exclusions, This Includes No Exclusions For COVID-19

+  Limited Pre-Existing Exclusion For Unstable Conditions (60 Days)


+  Physician Services

+  Hospital Confinement And Use Of Operating Rooms

+  Laboratory Tests, X-Ray Examinations Or Treatments

+  Anesthetics (including administration)

+  Emergency Ground Ambulance Service

+  Prescribed Drugs, Medicines And Therapeutic Services

+  Emergency Dental Expense ($750 limit)

Why You Need Travel Medical Coverage with a Hospital of Choice Evacuation Plan?

Even if you have a medical evacuation plan that can bring you to your home hospital of choice, there are still emergency services provided at the hospital where one would first be admitted to for an emergency. Not all visits to a hospital warrant a medical evacuation or continued care, so there would still be the possibility of significant medical expenses to endures. If a medical evacuation is warranted, a patient must also be stable enough for a possible transport. If a medical evacuation is not warranted, hospitalization, physician services, x-rays and other medical expenses that are often not covered by health insurance when traveling, can be overwhelming. Even if your health insurance provides some level of emergency medical coverage while traveling, large deductibles and limited coverage can leave your clients with significant out-of-pocket expenses. Adding Travel Medical Coverage to protect you can further ensure true peace of mind for a nominal cost.

 Why This Plan Is Differentiate From The Competitors?

Many Travel Medical plans have medical coverage with a very limited medical evacuation benefit, offering only “nearest suitable” or “nearest adequate” facility. Combining “Hospital of Choice” Medical Evacuation with Emergency Accident and Sickness coverage provides a premium plan.  Standalone evacuation assistance/membership plans that are not true insurance, cannot offer this coverage as an option within their plans.

 Claims Processing

Plan holders with an injury or illness that does not lead to a serious or critical condition, hospitalization or medical evacuation, where minimal medical services are provided and expenses are typically limited out of pocket, will file a claim for reimbursement through a form provided online. If the plan holder has a serious illness or accident and is admitted to the hospital, they or their family member can call our 24/7 Emergency Services per the terms of their plan to seek further assistance and arrangements with the hospital to guarantee payment of services. Details on the claims process and contact information are included in the plan holder’s Confirmation of Coverage documents and on Travel MedEvac’s website Claims Page.

Emergency Medical Coverage has a small $250 deductible.

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