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Combination Travel / Medical & Air EVAC Home in One!

“Cavalry” – use for those clients who want the emergency medical evacuation benefit to evacuate them ALL THE WAY HOME. Use mostly for overseas travelers going to developed locations.

  • Evacuation services are available for anyone, regardless of residency.
  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance and Evacuation with Medical Expense coverages available on a per-trip basis.
  • Security Extraction coverages for non-medical events such as natural disaster, acts of terror and more can be added to any option.
  • No age limit on air evacuation coverage.


  • Elite medical evacuation to your hospital of choice when you’re hospitalized empowers you to control your medical care
  • High-end travel insurance coverages such as primary medical expense coverage, trip cancellation/interruption and more
  • Completely integrated one-stop program with a single contact for emergency services to travel assistance and insurance claims
  • 24/7 access to paramedics, nurses and military veterans


We will waive the pre‐existing medical condition exclusion up to
the Trip Cost per person if the following conditions are met:

1. The Eligible Person purchases the travel protection insurance within 14 days of making the Initial Trip Payment;

2. The amount of insurance coverage purchased equals all prepaid nonrefundable payments or deposits applicable to the Trip at the time of purchase and the cost of any subsequent arrangement(s) added to the same Trip are insured within 14 days of the date of payment or deposit for any subsequent Trip arrangement(s); and

3. An Insured is medically able to travel when premium is paid.

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